July 28th has been marked as the day to celebrate our second Locals Night event, affectionately dubbed ‘Return of the Froths’

As we’ve travelled along, we’ve added to our original concept, local talent, for local ears. The past events saw us harbour local artistic talent in the form of Shannon Boyd, and local craft brewing legends, Young Henrys, as sideshows to the main event. This lineup included the legends from the Marquis, The Modern Glitch and Marina Mitchell (heard her on the J’s? If not, you will), just to name a few.

This time we’ve recruited Radelaidian brewing giants Pirate Life Brewing, and spiced rum aficionados Kraken to help us provide us with a well earnt, and truly satisfying watering outlet for the evening.

We’ve carried on our brilliant form in the music department by signing up a handful of ridiculously talents and diverse artists for the looming festivities.

As it stands our program looks like this:

  • Oscar Thorburn – A truly talented and sought after lower mountains legend (Fun fact: His old man was actually a member of the Hooley Dooleys). Don’t let that overshadow his own brilliant individual style, having just released his first single ‘Ocean Waters’, he’s shot to the upper cusp of Triple J’s Unearthed charts. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this young wizard.
  • Andie Isalie – Another mountain weapon. Hailing from the crux of mountain music, Katoomba, Andie is in an absolute league of her own. Launching an extremely successful Youtube page, she covered brilliant tracks such as Hoziers ‘Take Me to Church’ and Drakes ‘Hotline Bling’ before releasing her own EP ‘onefootinthegrave’ mid 2017. With nearly 300,000 Youtube followers, she destined for big things. Watch this space.
  • Antonia and the Lazy Susans – For those Friday Froths die hards, you may remember Antonia as the weapon drummer who supported Marina Mitchell at the last event we held. This time she’s back, and supported by her own troupe of musical talent. She once quoted John Green when he said ‘that’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt’. This is evident in the band’s musical direction, channeling that post teen angst, and sending it hurtling through the only outlet which makes sense.

It’s shaping up nicely, and honestly the team here at O’Donoghues hasn’t been this keen for an event in such a long time (Maybe the last Friday Froths).

If you need any more details, head to our facebook event, chuck our page a like and let us know what you think. See you here!