On Friday the 18th of August, O’Donoghues threw it all the way back to the golden era of RnB and genuine old school bangers!

We kicked the night off slowly, employing local DJ and the better half of DJ duo Hide and Seek, Jacob Whalen. Not only did he well and truly bring the house to it’s knees, he almost tore the roof off. We’re talking some serious tracks, ‘Ignition Remix’ by R. Kelly made a welcome appearance, with a scintillating, almost electric response from the 1000 or so millennials who crowded the downstairs dancefloor. Beyonce, Britney and Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ also made welcome additions to the phenomenal line-up of tracks correlated, and hand picked by the DJ.

A guest appearance was made by Fourtunate member, Jakiel Mariner, who jumped up on stage and threw down an impromptu duet with Jacob on the decks. By this stage the crowd was well and truly moving. It was like watching the ocean waves roll in from sea as the sky stirred in anticipation of an evening storm. It reached brilliant climax when ‘Without Me’ by Eminem, came screaming out of the speakers at the front of the stage, to a battle cry-esk response from the crowd.

A truly spectacular sight, and what turned out to be the busiest night EVER at O’Donoghues to date.

We’re looking forward to the next one. There’s rumours circulating among the entertainment and marketing team that a carpark event could be on for the summer to come. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears perked!