We’re a big fan of all our team members achieving their dreams. In our new blog segment ‘Kicking Goals’, we’re looking at former staff who are absolutely netting screamers in their chosen career paths.

Shannon Boyd is a former O’Donoghues bar maestro and cocktail extraordinaire, who has been taking his art game to a whole new level. Coming from humble beginnings, serving schooners to locals in the early 2010’s, Shannon, as of last week secured his spot in history, as a integral part of the Bondi Beach Sea Wall initiative contrived by Waverley Council.

The Bondi Sea Wall initiative is a project that rewards talented up and coming artists with a protected spot opposite Bondi Beach. The artist is guaranteed a 6 month period, where their artwork is protected and maintained by Waverley Council. It’s an extremely prestigious achievement and a massive pat on the back to what Shannon has been achieving in recent times.

Pictured below: You can see the absolutely stunning recreation of Star Wars’ Princess Leia in all it’s glory.

Shannon, until 18 months ago was your favourite neighbourhood Primary School teacher, but following an artistic epiphany returned to his roots, picked up his sketch book and his pencils, and started drawing again. Following an extremely successful stint, including some big works with Newtown Brewers Young Henrys, the PCYC in Penrith and countless restaurants in the area his application was accepted to join the Bondi Beach Wall alumni as of August 2017.

To say the least, O’Donoghues is extremely proud of his achievements and wishes him well in all his future endeavors. His artwork is due to be replaced in the New Year but until then, get down and check out his work!

If you are as intrigued by Shannon’s’ journey as much as we are, follow him on Instagram here